Why soy candles?

We use 100% soy wax in our candles, which is plant-based and is non-toxic, all natural and sustainable. Candles made from soy wax burn cleaner resulting in less soot (less indoor pollution), and do not emit harmful toxins, which is better for air quality and your overall health. 


How long do your candles last?

10 oz soy wax candles have a burn time of approximately 50-60 hours. Soy wax burns slower and tends to hold scent better than paraffin wax, so you get a candle that lasts longer and is non-toxic.


How do I clean up spillage if it happens?

Soy wax cleans off of almost any surface with a simple solution of warm, soapy water. 


What if I have trouble lighting my candle?

Wood wicks typically need to be trimmed at a 3mm length for easy lighting. This shorter wick length allows for the melted wax to feed the flame easily. If the wood wick is too long, simply trim with a wick trimmer, a nail cutter or scissor, or pinch with your fingers.


What do I do if my candle is drowning and won't light up?

If we're not careful with trimming our wicks, this may happen---but don't worry, simply pour a bit of the top layer melted wax and make sure the wood wick has room to breathe (at least 3mm length) before re-lighting. 


Is there such a thing as candle memory?

Yes there is! To get the most out of your candle with a clean and steady burn, and avoid tunneling, make sure your first burn creates a melt pool that reaches the circumference of your jar. This will allow for a steady and even burn and excellent candle memory.


How would you describe your candle scent throw?

Soy wax is an excellent fragrance carrier that does not require chemical amplifiers, which gives you a well-balanced true to scent candle. We have tested our candles over 6 months to ensure a great cold and hot scent throw. We use only top quality fine fragrance and essential oils from France in generous proportions to ensure a great smelling MICANDLE for your enjoyment. 




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