Bittersweet Memories of Days Gone By




Mom, Mama, Inay, Nanay, Ma - we may have different ways of calling our mothers, but one thing is for sure, a hug from this woman can melt all your troubles away. Her soft and gentle voice can effortlessly coax the truth from you. Her warm touch lets you know that no matter how tough things get, she’ll always be there to support you. Her attention unwavering; listening intently to all your stories and rants, fascinated with how much you have grown.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their moms be with them always. Some mothers have to face the bitter reality of being thousands of miles away from their loved ones because that’s the only way to financially support them. But these women are strong. They keep pushing on, looking forward to the time that they can once again wrap their loved ones in a tight embrace.

But in some cases, to no fault of their own, they get taken away from this mortal realm too early. Never seeing some of their kids’ ‘firsts’. Never having to see their kids grow up. Never meeting their grandkids.

Mica concocted the Micandle Toffee Soy Candle variant with one person in mind, her mom. The savory scent of butter mixed with the sweet notes of caramel pulls her back to the days when the smell of her mom’s freshly baked cookies enveloped the whole house. A time when everything felt happy, warm, and safe.

For anyone missing their mom, Mica shares her love for her mom with a jar of Micandle Toffee Soy Candle. May lighting this candle blanket you with a feeling of security, warmth, and love.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, the Micandle Toffee Soy Candle is also an excellent choice. The comforting and indulgent aroma of toffee can perfectly express how you see your mom as the warm and bright person that she is.

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! May you keep bringing light and joy to everyone around you.