• Daddy's Little Girl

      Thinking about Dad elicits so many good memories. Every young girl looking up to her father as her one true hero; saving her from the playground...
  • Driving Away Bad Juju

    Sage is an herb that has a fresh scent with earthy tones. It has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits, but it also has been found to reduce anxiety and even promote better sleep.
  • Calming the Chaos

    These days, everything seems so uncertain. Despite the rollout of vaccines, it doesn’t ease your worries when you hear new strains of COVID-19 popping up. What does our future look like? Will you lose your job soon? Will you find new work so you can keep paying bills and put food on your table? So much is happening these days that the worrying doesn’t seem to stop and you find yourself feeling like you’re drowning and there’s no one there to rescue.

  • Bittersweet Memories of Days Gone By

        Mom, Mama, Inay, Nanay, Ma - we may have different ways of calling our mothers, but one thing is for sure, a hug from this woman can melt all...
  • Coming of Age: Tobacco Vanilla

    Each jar of Micandle is special, not just because of how they are crafted or the materials used. It’s because they are tied to a special memory or ...
  • Saving the Earth One Soy Candle at a Time

    Since the 1970s, the world has celebrated Earth Day every 22nd of April. on April 22. This day signifies a movement created to urge people to make ...
  • Anatomy of a Micandle

    Easily transform the energy in your room by lighting a Micandle. Each jar of Micandle scented candles is carefully crafted to ensure quality. But what makes Micandle different from your typical paraffin-based scented candle?
  • Scents & Memories

    Unlock your precious memories with the power of scents by lighting a Micandle. Each jar of soy candle is designed to tap into an emotion, a memory, or a feeling you get when you’re with someone special.

  • The Story Behind

    Scents are a curious thing. One whiff of a particular scent can take you back to one of your fondest memories. And this is what Mica Javier tapped into when she created Micandle.As a bubbly and positive person, Mica made it her mission to bring light to people’s dreadful days. It was then that Mica put her knowledge of fragrance-making to use.
  • Art of Scent &

    Happy to announce that our limited edition marble collection of premium scented soy wax candles has been picked up by leading luxury fragrance stor...
  • Scent Story: Toffee

    Meet Micandle: Toffee"I have a sweet tooth and absolutely love anything with chocolate, butter, or baked. The smell of cookie batter and melted bu...
  • Candle Care 101

    Here are a few simple care tips to ensure you make the most out of your MICANDLE, and get the best experience with it too!   Care Tip 1: Mind your ...