Coming of Age: Tobacco Vanilla

Each jar of Micandle is special, not just because of how they are crafted or the materials used. It’s because they are tied to a special memory or person in Mica’s life.

Micandle’s Tobacco Vanilla variant exudes an androgynous vibe, mixing the masculine scents of leather and tobacco with the feminine tones of vanilla, and enhanced by the exotic smell of oriental balsamic and spices.

The Tobacco Vanilla is very special to Mica as it is inspired by her dad and her journey to what she is now. 

At the age of 13, Mica lost her mom and had to deal with the challenging teen years without a strong female-figure to help her navigate it. But that’s when she saw how a man, her father, can have both a tough and sweet persona.

As an alpha, Mica’s dad did not let her rebellious stage slide. Making sure that she understands how her actions have real consequences. But at the same time, when things get tough, her dad was always there to listen and be her shoulder to cry on, ready to help when she asks for it.

Looking back, Mica can always remember the distinct scent of her dad ー cigarettes and his cologne that smelled like leather with a hint of sweetness. She has come to associate the smell with working hard and success, things her dad is known for.

The musky scent of Tobacco Vanilla also reminds her of her travels across Europe and the US. Aside from the upscale lobbies of the hotels she frequented, the scent also brings to mind the cellar bars and the speakeasies she explored with her friends. The scent of leather and tobacco along with the imagery of power-players hashing out, mingling, and networking, fascinated Mica and what gave her the confidence to be a girl-boss and pursue a career in singing and acting, on top of her remarkable modeling career.

So, if you need a little boost in confidence, light up a Premium Tobacco Vanilla Micandle and envision how you’ll turn dreams into reality.


mica and her dad

mica leaning on her dad