Scents & Memories

Lavender Eucalyptus Soy Wax

Easily escape your chaotic day by lighting a jar of Micandle’s Lavender Eucalyptus. Lavender exudes a floral and clean scent while the minty aroma of eucalyptus relaxes your senses. The combination of these two fragrances transport you back to your times at the spa - relaxed, calm, and refreshed.



Sage Ginseng Soy Wax

Fresh sheets, a cozy bed, warm sunlight bathing your skin - these are just some of the things you'll be reminded of when you light Micandle’s Sage and Ginseng. This jar of candle is made with the fresh scents of leafy greens and the clean aroma of white musk. Add to that the hint of earthy tones from herbs and ginger root, it reminds you of a relaxing stay in a posh hotel. It will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready for another hustle.



Toffee Soy Wax

Awaken your inner child by lighting a jar of Toffee. This Micandle variant mixes the sweet smell of melted brown sugar and the savory scent of butter. One whiff takes you back to your carefree days of spending hours playing with friends and sharing candies and chocolates. It can also remind you of waking up on the weekend with a fresh plate of pancakes and oozing maple syrup - sweet and warm, a comforting blend of memories.



Warm Vanilla Soy Wax

The sexy scent of a Warm Vanilla Micandle is created using the spicy vanilla aroma of a white orchid and the saccharine smell of vanilla. Combined with the earthy tones of cocoa beans and sandalwood, this jar of candle reminds you of date night. Dim lights, a romantic movie playing on the tv, and you and your boo cuddling on the couch, savoring the warm embrace and getting intoxicated with each other’s smell. Meanwhile, the hint of jasmine in this soy candle has an aphrodisiac effect that it reminds you of intimate moments shared with the person you love.



Bergamot Soy Wax

Basking under the sun in a beautiful paradise is the vibe you’ll get when you light a jar of Bergamot. This special edition Micandle fuses the citrus scent of bergamot with a hint of floral and tea aromas. The scent of Bergamot also reminds you of sipping a refreshing drink poolside while enjoying your tropical vacation.



Tobacco Vanilla Soy Wax

If you ever miss hanging at the first class lounge at the airport, then open a jar of Tobacco Vanilla and bathe yourself in the luxurious scents of expensive leather, sweet vanilla, and earthy aromas. The combination of these scents evokes comfort in style.



Micandle x Auro

Auro, the country’s premier maker of artisanal chocolates, has teamed up with Micandle to deliver the perfect gift pack that would awaken your senses and memories. Enjoy the rich and indulgent Auro chocolate while your Coffee-scented Micandle gloriously burns nearby.


Each Micandle scent has been carefully selected to arouse your senses and unlock some of your most treasured memories.