Micandle.ph: The Story Behind

Scents are a curious thing. One whiff of a particular scent can take you back to one of your fondest memories. And this is what Mica Javier tapped into when she created Micandle. 

2020 started with a bang but by March, things only grew dreary. With Covid-19 spreading fast, lockdown became imminent. Summer came and went with people longing for the beach, a reprieve from all this craziness. But alas, the end is nowhere near. 

As a bubbly and positive person, Mica made it her mission to bring light to people’s dreadful days. It was then that Mica put her knowledge of fragrance-making to use.

Mica knows how powerful a scent is. It can instantly transform the ambiance of a room, evoke emotions and memories, and lift your spirit.




Scented candles have been around for thousands of years with very little change in their composition - paraffin and scented oils. But paraffin isn’t the best carrier of scents. Not to mention, when it burns, it leaves toxins in the air and soot where you lit the candle.

And thus, Micandle was born. 

What sets Micandle from other scented candles is that it uses soy wax. It is organic, vegan, and naturally sourced. On top of that, soy wax doesn’t give off harmful toxins when it burns and ugly black marks are a thing of the past with a Micandle.




Another unique feature of Micandles is the wooden wick. Wooden wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks. Plus, they will remind you of a fireplace or bonfire as it crackles when lit. 

With Mica’s background in fragrance making, she narrowed Micandle’s signature scent from 50 to 4. Each one invoking some of the most important memories and moments in your life.




Lavender and eucalyptus give off a relaxing and meditative vibe, reminiscent of a well-deserved spa-day after a long and exhausting week.

Toffee’s sweet scent is reminiscent of mom’s freshly baked cookies and chocolate treats.




Warm Vanilla reminds you of sweet kisses and cuddly hugs with your special someone. 

Sage and Ginseng have a refreshing scent that instantly lifts your mood, leaving you revitalized - like a well-deserved beach trip.




Bergamot’s citrus aroma brings you back to a relaxing island paradise escape while sipping on mojitos.

Tobacco and Vanilla exudes a luxurious vibe with its leather scent, earthy tones, and the sweet intoxicating scent of vanilla.

Each Micandle comes in a minimalist jar that fits perfectly into any room’s aesthetic. It also comes with a cork cover that helps preserve the candle when not in use and snuffs out a lighted Micandle safely.

So what are you waiting for?

Light up your senses with Micandle, a scent to remember.