Driving Away Bad Juju



Mica’s love of Halloween is what inspired her to come up with the Sage Ginseng scent profile. Their family, like many Filipino families, takes time to honor the memories of loved ones that have gone too soon. The smell of wax and fresh flowers remind her that love will always be there, no matter what.

She also looks forward to going trick or treating with her siblings and cousins every year. And afterward, having a sleepover and gorging themselves with the candies they’ve collected. And what Halloween slumber party would be complete without scary movies?

If you’re a fan of horror flicks, you’re probably familiar with people burning herbs and walking around the house to drive away evil spirits or bad juju. That’s called smudging and it’s done by burning sage and smoking the house to drive off unwanted energy.

sage herb

Sage is an herb that has a fresh scent with earthy tones. It has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits, but it also has been found to reduce anxiety and even promote better sleep.

If you’re not keen on dousing every inch of your home or room with smoke, you can try lighting up a Sage Ginseng Soy Candle from Micandle. It combines the aroma of leafy green and herbs, with the earthy tones of ginger root, and the clean scent of white musk.

Because soy wax has a low melting point, it has a great scent throw. Your space will be filled with the fresh and crisp scents of Sage Ginseng in no time. On top of that, you won’t have to deal with smoke because soy wax burns clean.

So if you’re feeling nostalgic, or just want to drive away all the negativities clouding your head, light up a jar of Micandle’s Sage Ginseng and feel the worries melt away.