Candle Care 101

Here are a few simple care tips to ensure you make the most out of your MICANDLE, and get the best experience with it too!


Care Tip 1: Mind your first burn!

To get the most out of your MICANDLE, please make sure your first burn creates a melt pool that reaches the circumference edge of the jar—this will allow your candle to burn steadily and last longer.


Care Tip 2: Always trim your wick!

Make sure the wood wick is trimmed to approx. 3mm for easy lighting. The shorter height of wood wicks, as compared to cotton wicks, allows the wax to quickly rise up to feed the flame.


Care Tip 3: Drowning wick? No worries.

Troubleshooting a drowning wick that keeps your flame from burning strong is easy—simply pour out some of the excess wax, and  make sure there’s at least a 3mm wick height before relighting the candle.


Care Tip 4: Careful! It gets hot!

We love a good flame but we should never play with fire. Mind the surface where you place your lit candle as the jar tends to get hot especially when left on for hours. You can use the candle lid as a coaster, as long as the surface is stable. Also be careful with touching or moving the jar once lit for long periods of time.