Calming the Chaos

These days, everything seems so uncertain. Despite the rollout of vaccines, it doesn’t ease your worries when you hear new strains of COVID-19 popping up. What does our future look like? Will you lose your job soon? Will you find new work so you can keep paying bills and put food on your table? So much is happening these days that the worrying doesn’t seem to stop and you find yourself feeling like you’re drowning and there’s no one there to rescue.




These things, though troublesome, are things you cannot control. The more you worry about them the more you’ll get stressed out and we know how stress can lead to health problems.


What you can do to cope up with these trying times is to do something about the things you can control. For instance, stress. You may not be able to control those things that stress you out BUT you can definitely do something about how you handle it.


organized shelves


Clear the clutter

We may not admit it, but when things get chaotic, we tend to overlook how messy our home or room gets. Our mind gets too preoccupied with things that we fail to see that our living quarters are in disarray.


So start picking up things off your floor and put them back in their proper places. If you’ve got a pile of laundry, do them. If your table is a mess, organize it. You can also sort out your closet and get rid of clothes that you don’t need anymore.


Doing tasks may seem like a tiring process, but it helps you take your mind off of things. Plus, since you’re moving, you’re getting some exercise in. Not to mention, in the end, you’ll be left with a clean and clutter-free space. So, win-win!


rearrange furniture


Change it up

You’ve probably spent hours pining over home renovations or room makeovers on social media and want to do the same thing to your space. The only problem is you don’t have the budget for it.


The cheapest way to give your space a makeover is by rearranging your room. Move your bed to the other side of the room. Use an old sarong and turn it into a wall decoration. Make a feature wall using your vacation photos to remind you that there will be better days.  You don’t have to spend, you just need your creative juices flowing to refresh your room.



Green is in

There are studies on how walking in the forest can elevate your mood and improve your physical well-being. But because of travel restrictions, the best option is to start your little plant haven. Put some indoor plants in your room to improve air quality. Having a lot of greenery indoors also provides people with a calming effect. It’s the best time to become a plantita/plantito.


breathe and relax

Turn down the noise

Yes, literally turn your music down. Even if it’s your favorite song from Taylor Swift or Sam Smith, loud sounds tend to elevate your heart rate which means you are not going to feel relaxed. Plus, lowering the volume gives your ears a break.

You can also put on your phone in silent mode or disable notifications. This way, you can minimize the use of social media which can aggravate your anxiety.


breathing in


Finally, relax. Go to your happy place and light a Micandle. This soy wax scented candle delivers a great scent throw which means the aroma produced when the wax is heated up easily spreads across your space and lingers.


Sit on the floor or lie on your bed. Shut your eyes and just breathe. Bask in the warm scents offered by a Micandle soy wax candle. Think about the time before the chaos started and revel in the happiness you feel. When you open your eyes, this feeling of calmness and elation will stay with you.


So every time you feel overwhelmed with everything that happens around you, just remember, you’re only one Micandle away from shrugging off the things that trouble you.