Daddy's Little Girl


Memories with dad

Thinking about Dad elicits so many good memories.

Every young girl looking up to her father as her one true hero; saving her from the playground bullies or a teasing brother. A real-life prince that comes to the rescue after a secret crush turns into the ugly frog. Your best buddy who taught you to be cool – especially when mom begins one of her long-running litanies.

Saving the day and making it better, that’s who Dad is.

Hugs from dad

Always larger than life and always ready with a big, warm hug. We love smelling his after-shave or cologne. That musky and leathery smell. 100% Dad.

Exactly the scent you’ll love about our Tobacco Vanilla Soy Candle. With the addition of Oriental balsamic and spice, we bet that this will bring you back to one of your fondest memories. As a little princess in your Dad’s arms, and the one great love of her life.


In dad's arms